In Person School Registration Form


Please print this form and mail it to: Olson Ranch LLC 14570 Eagle Drive, Claremore, OK  74017

Your Name: ____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: _____________ Zip: _______________

Phone: _____________________ Email: _________________________________

Dates Attending:

____ Sept 9 – 13, 2024 (STOCKER SEMINAR $1500.00)

____ Nov 19 – 22, 2024

____ Jan 14 – Jan 17, 2025

No. Attending: __________   Amount Enclosed: ________________

Please make checks payable to Olson Ranch LLC                                                      Mail To: 14570 Eagle Drive, Claremore, OK  74017

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General Information:

COST:  $1,000 US for General Marketing Schools and $1500 for Stocker Specific Schools

LIMIT: 25 attendees

LOCATION: Holiday Inn Express, 1400 Country Club Road Claremore, OK


For additional information call Wally at (918) 244-0654


Overview of the School

Night 1 – 6:30 pm

This takes place on the evening of the first date listed. It is a casual get-together in the lobby of the hotel. I will provide sandwiches and drinks, you provide the conversation. Networking has great value. After all, this is, as life, a people’s business.

Day 2 and 3– The school will start at 8:00 am in the conference center next door and end at approximately 4:00 pm. Lunch and drinks will be provided.

Some of the topics to be explored are:

  • Cost to Carry
  • How to Find the Overvalued and the Undervalued
  • The Importance of Animals That Work For You
  • Understand Inventory-Grass-Money
  • How/Where to Sell and Buy
  • Relationships between Classes of Animals
  • Intrinsic Value of a Cow
  • Utilizing People

Day 4 – This is the time to work on your interests.  I recommend you bring the information with you that you want to work on.  This is optional, it is up to you.  It will last till noon.

Additional Notes:

Past participants have also expressed that these things are valuable to bring with you:

  • Pen/Pencil and Scratch Paper.
  • Colored Pens, Markers, or Highlighters. The book is printed in black and white.
  • A calculator. We crunch a lot of numbers.
  • Sale and Purchase information for your local area for any examples or questions you have.