John Stroupe
Central Missouri

I would recommend Wally’s marketing school to anyone. Wally does a great job of simplifying the Bud Williams sell/buy marketing theory for the average person.

He gives first hand examples based on real life experiences of trades that worked really well and some that didn’t.

Wally is always just a phone call away and always ready to share what he’s doing in the market or to share advise or ideas of what we should be looking for within our inventory triangle of feed, livestock and money.

* * * *

John Wagner
4L Grazing, LLC

Wally’s first-hand experience using Bud William’s marketing principles bridges the gap between the theory of sell/buy marketing and its actual implementation.

* * * *

Wendi Lankister
Lankister Livestock Enterprises

Our entire family, Dad, Mom and three teenagers, took the Livestock Marketing School taught by Wally Olson. We were at a critical point in our business and needed to change our model. Wally’s school taught us a different way of looking at marketing, and also showed us that sell/buy marketing can work well within a cow/calf-yearling range operation.

Over the course of the last year and a half we have restructured our operation and have made several more “trades” than we would have under our previous system. Wally has been readily available to us via text, email and phone. We returned to his school for a second time and learned even more. We have also found great value in meeting and developing relationships with the other students at the school. We highly recommend that you take this next step to further your livestock marketing knowledge.

* * * *

Joshua Dukart
Seek First Ranch
Hazen, North Dakota
Jan 2019 Marketing School

Attending Wally Olson’s Marketing School was well worth the investment. Not only were the marketing and ranch management concepts distributed in an applicable and realistic manner, but it was a lifetime of experience that backed these profitable principles. In a ranching industry where truly being profitable is not necessarily the norm, this school provided evidence and hope that if we look at the value and relationships of grass, money, and stock differently, our future can look much brighter.