Marketing School Outline

I have been very blessed with the people that come through my life. The biggest influence on my life was meeting Bud and Eunice Williams. What I learned from them in stockmanship, marketing and living life has been a real big deal.

I have come to a point in my life that I can start helping people to gain this knowledge. As for stockmanship, I’ve got everything on the truck but it is not being very pretty at times. I am genetically predisposed to trade, there is nothing more than my dad loved to do than trade.

So teaching livestock marketing is where I need to be. Marketing is a very powerful tool and done correctly can really move you forward. Done incorrectly it can be one of the biggest disaster that you can involved in. This concern has led me to how I’m going to structure my marketing schools.

Moving from BUY/ SELL to SELL/BUY marketing the thought process has to move 180 degrees. This is a big change. It will take time and practice and at times being not quite right. For best results, plan on repeating the school.

Structure of the School

Night Before Networking

  • This will be the evening before the start of the school. I will provide sandwiches and drink. Networking has great value this is, as life, a people business.

Day 1—8:00-4:00

  • Know and Understand Yourself
  • Value to me
  • Cost to carry
  • How to find the overvalued and the under valued
  • Understand Inventory-Grass-Money and then Animals

Day 2—8:00-4:00

  • How to sell and buy
  • Where to sell and buy
  • Relationships between classes of animals
  • Utilizing people

Day 3—Adjourn at Noon

  • Working on what you need to use the information from the school
  • Bring your livestock inventory numbers

The fees for the school will be $1000. With working with Bud I didn’t get it with just one school, so for $100/school you can retake as many schools as it takes for you to be completely satisfied with your ability to market. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your tuition.

Getting started right is very important, so any young person 18 years or younger can attend for free with a parent.

Lunch will be provided two days.